Telecoms Industry | Personalized Accessories | Bags & Accessories

Sourcing and delivering custom merchandise internationally as the 7 year-long merchandise partner of a leading telecom company

Telecoms Industry | Personalized Accessories | Bags & Accessories

The Client:

A global telecommunications services giant based in India

The Brief

Every year, the client organises R&R for top sales performers. A key component of this is personalised merchandise.

We’ve won the end-to-end merchandising mandate 7 years in a row. Our deliverables involves sourcing 700 handpicked items, personalising them for each employee and delivering them internationally to the country where the event is being held.

The OGS touch

Despite the large volume of products, intense personalisation and attention to detail required, deliveries have been made in advance, every year.

Some of the personalised merchandise sourced over the years includes stroller bags, overnight bags, wrist watches and personalised silver mementos.

Not only do we have 5 global offices, we also have an even larger network of logistics partners to ensure flawless last mile delivery in any part of the planet.

The Impact

Personalisation lies at the core of our merchandising philosophy. Over the years, we’ve made it a point to involve the loved ones of the employees to make our merchandise truly special.

We blend personalised creativity with seamless logistics at any scale.