Media & Telecom Industry | Apparels & Electronics | Customized Merchandise

Sourcing merchandise to make the employees of one of India’s largest direct broadcast satellite providers feel valued

Media & Telecom Industry | Apparels & Electronics | Customized Merchandise

The Client:

The Indian affiliate of a British media and telecommunications conglomerate

The Brief:

OGS was given the responsibility of sourcing and delivering merchandise that would delight employees. We were given just 2 weeks for end-to-end execution.

The OGS touch:

Our sourcing team quickly decided on headphones and various apparel items after a deep analysis of the client’s brief.

The client had very high standards for quality, and this was a critical component of the brief. Our 2 decades of experience enabled us to identify the right suppliers in record time.

The Impact:

Despite the tight timelines, we managed to source headphones and apparel on a massive scale, and deliver it to the client well before time. Our dedicated sourcing under time pressure impressed the client so much that we became their preferred merchandising partner.