Supply Chain Management

Our Philosophy

As an end to end logistics sister company, Orchid Global Shipping ensures a well-sustained and dynamic supply chain across networks by erasing all third party issues like cost inefficiencies, documentations, technical delays etc. And how great to have it all, in – house.

Our global reach and a well-oiled internal processes helps create a robust delivery system across boundaries to reach any product to any client across the world. We pride ourselves in helping erasing boundaries and making all products accessible anywhere on the planet.

Our USP's

Our systems are based on two-pronged values ; all-round services and fair pricing.

All-round services: Our team comprises of not just the best logistics managers but also trained resources who are adept at product development, production, sourcing and the logistical aspects and who provide customised solutions to clients, as per their requisite needs.

With an intricate network in 9 countries, OGS has a well-established and fair pricing system wherein we provide flexible pricing solutions, negotiated rates and price agreements for your company.

Our Logistical Network

Our transportation network covers solid ground as we provide logistical services by road, sea, flight and railway. Plus we also offer freight and warehousing services along with compliance certifications for faster custom-clearance.

With over 2,00,000 square foot across the UK, and a presence across Europe, Canada, North America, and the Asia Pacific, we’ve always been perfectly placed to supply a more cost effective service than the competition. This enables us to deliver products at the last-mile in a single smooth process to any destination, any country across the globe, while saving time and costs for our customers.

48 and Fast: Delivery Guaranteed

Whatever the pin code in UK, we manage to deliver anything within 48 hours. Our in-house bespoke IT solutions matched with a super solid system of warehousing, sourcing, inventory management, distribution and last mile delivery makes us a super-fast, efficient and dependable company to partner with.

We help our customers succeed in their business with our coherent processes and supply chain management. After all time is money, and we keep our promise of delivering any products anywhere on time.

We’re enabling e-commerce portals in the U.K. to go hyperlocal at hyper speed.