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Sourcing and customizing varied merchandise on a massive scale for a telecom giant

Telecom Industry | Apparels | Bags & Accessories | Electronics

The Client:

A global telecommunications services giant based in India

The Brief:

Given our deep understanding of how smart merchandising can influence relationships, we became the preferred merchandise partner of one of India’s largest telecom brands.

The Indian retail market is highly competitive, with retailer loyalty being a major concern. Using merchandise as a tool, we had to drive higher brand engagement from retailers.

We also had to create easy ways for employees to represent and engage with the brand on a daily basis.

The OGS Touch

Over a 6 month period, we sourced a massive range of merchandise to help the client achieve their larger goal of greater memorability and loyalty amongst retailers and employees.

50,000 retailer uniforms, T-shirts, backpacks, shoes and sippers were delivered as per strict time schedules. Our two decades of expertise in apparel and global network of relationships enabled us to source on a large scale and ensure quality.

We also sourced a range of electronics and general merchandise, including 25,000 Bluetooth speakers, 10,000 branded power banks, 25,000 calculators, 100,000 wallets, 5000 bicycles and 100,000 personalised photo frame certificates.

The Impact
A unique scheme was conceptualised by OGS to shift the retailer loyalty program’s focus from short-term schemes to what mattered most: family. Under this scheme, we procured, customised and delivered 5000 bicycles for each retailer’s daughter, deepening retailer relationships in a way schemes never could.

Our timely deliveries and consistently accurate strategic inputs strengthen our relationship with the client. Till date, we remain their preferred sourcing and manufacturing partners.