Top 10 Supply chain management companies in the UK

Looking for a Supply chain management that fits the bill and fulfills the till?

But, before jumping to that, let us just quickly recap what supply chain management is.

Besides transforming raw materials into finished products and transporting them safely to the end user,marketing, operations, distribution networks, customer service, and finance comprise an effective supply chain management. And to let you in on a secret, a great supply chain will provide customised solutions as per your exact requirement.

Supply Chain in the UK

In 2017, the SC industry had a challenging year with getting accustomed to the impact of Brexit. Furthermore, the supply chain industry delayed key decisions and investments owing to the uncertainty of what the world post-Brexit would entail.

Even after the Brexit, the UK wants to remain competitive in Europe by making sure it still has a role in this sector. Though the automotive supply chain is ingrained deeply throughout Europe, who knows what the UK will add to new trade and competitive barriers after Brexit proves difficult.

Here is a list of the top 10 supply chain management companies in the UK.


It has a supply chain model which is among the biggest, top-of-the-line, and most efficient in the UK. Amazon continues to grow and evolve every year by adapting technical innovations to facilitate and improve its efficiency.

Orchid Global Sourcing

In addition to being host to millions of global suppliers and in-house teams for designing, technology, marketing, client servicing, and finance, together with their clients, they want to create customized solutions so that each client has a specific resolution to their needs.


Providing supply chain management services to businesses that help them thrive. Aside from being Britain’s largest home owned logistics company, they also provide supply chain solutions and consulting services to brands overseas.

Io Consultants

The consulting package of IO consultants offers more than just logistics and supply chain management. Additionally, they offer planning and design services for architecture and IT projects.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group

Since the fusion of Gideon Hillman consulting and go Supply chain consulting, they have proven to be one of the leading UK-based logistics and supply chain management companies with its operations across the Globe.

Q-mass Ltd.

A provider of service solutions and a manufacturer of CNC precision machinery. It provides and produces a variety of products for the oil, gas, and engineering sectors.


As Europe’s largest provider of express palletised distribution services, Palletways has a strategically positioned network of depots and hub operations. It provides its clients with unparalleled access to the European market.

Paul Trudgian

Paul Trudgian consults across a range of industries on supply chain and logistics. Specializing in inventory planning, supply chain planning, network design, warehouse design, S&OP, and logistics outsourcing, their supply chain management services provide a complete suite.

Rhenus Corby

In recent years, RC logistics has become a leading third-party logistics company based out of the UK. In addition to Corby, Northampton shire, and Ireland, it has European operations. They provide services like warehousing, transportation, and logistics in partnership with other companies in the East Midlands.


The company provides a range of integrated marine, logistics, and transportation services to the energy and shipping industries. In addition, they provide complex and time-critical logistics solutions to specialized sectors like marine leisure, sports and events, automotive, and aviation.

Companies in the SC industry that specialize in management know how important it is to fulfill customer orders. When they function correctly, they also lower production costs and speed up the process.

SCM covers product development, production, procurement, sourcing, logistics, and more. An efficient supply chain management company reduces risks, pleases the customer, and holds on to its competitive advantage.

Thus, they will ensure that the entire supply chain management process is optimized to the fullest so that nothing will go astray.

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