Supply Chain Management (OLD)

Our Philosophy

We realised dependence on third parties resulted in cost inefficiencies, delays, confusions in certifications and quality assurance and extremely difficult last mile coordination. The solution was obvious. It was Orchid Global Shipping. 

We aim to be a leading end-to-end logistics provider that connects products from all corners of the planet with our clients as easily and safely as possible. Our aim is to erase boundaries and borders so that the best from every part of the world is extremely accessible 

Our Process

The best logistics managers aren’t just logistics managers. 

Our deep understanding of product development, sourcing and manufacturing enables us to look at logistics as part of a larger process, and without a tunnel vision that prevents us from understanding the intricacies on a case-by-case basis. 

Given our presence in 5 countries, we understand what fair pricing looks like across geographies and categories. We conduct fair negotiations and bring you contracts and price agreements that give your brand the upper hand.

We’re enabling e-commerce portals in the U.K. to go hyperlocal at hyper speed.

Over the past two decades, we’ve developed a solid network of dependable transportation: we handle road, rail, sea, freight and warehousing services. We also ensure testing and compliance certifications are procured well in advance, resulting in quick customs clearance.

Last mile delivery can be a make or break when it comes to a company’s bottom line, and our widespread global network enables us to offer highly competitive last mile delivery rates nearly everywhere on the planet.

Having our own 30,000+ sq. ft. Warehouse in the U.K. and Europe gives us a serious storage last mile delivery and storage advantages.

We guarantee delivery to any pin code in the U.K. within 48 hours. 

This dizzying ecosystem of warehouses, fulfilment centres, inventory management, distribution systems, last mile delivery and end-to-end coordination is managed with impressive, custom-built IT solutions that keep us efficient, accountable and on the go. 

The Supply chain works in seamless (seemingly effortless) coordination to bring your product- driven brand story to a punctual happily ever after.