Conceptualization, Design and Product Development. (OLD)

Our Philosophy

Great product ideas and concepts? Common.

Great product ideas and concepts backed by extensive research insights, deep consumer understanding and a strict adherence to time plans? Rare everywhere else, but a bare minimum at Orchid Global Sourcing!

We work with that rare open mindedness that distinguishes the best creatives and designers, but our decades-long experience in manufacturing and sourcing gives us the solid pragmatic anchoring needed to execute seamlessly.

Our Process

The best creatives work like accountants, and our team is as precise as the best accountants when it comes to trend research, mood board creation and consumer profiling. Every brief given to us is distilled down to the key ideas that will drive all creative work.

Our design process is constantly evolving to accommodate the power that digital technologies can bring. Revolutionary 3D design helps our team and clients visualise endless ideas in limited time. Our team of 3D professionals have extensive experience in packaging that delights users and product design.

There are two North Stars that guide the rigorous design process: consumer understanding and executability.

With tremendous in-house manufacturing capabilities and our highly experienced team of sourcing professionals, creating or finding the perfect canvas to execute our ideas is simple.

Customization is arguably the most critical part of the development process. These are make or break moments, and we ensure a team of experienced professionals is always on the watch to ensure that the tiniest of details- the zips on a bag or the finish on a piece of leather- meet our highly demanding standards.