Case Study

Audio-Video Jukebox: Interactive Devise

Audio-Video Jukebox: Interactive Youth Engagement device for World’s #1 Music Channel Brand’s India launch

Audio-Video Jukebox: Interactive Devise


Media / Launch Marketing Engagement


One of the world’s foremost Music focused TV brands was in process of launching its operations in the Indian market. Indian cities had recently seen cultural shift with organized retail and café culture becoming mainstream and emerging as the new “youth-hubs".


We proposed and designed an end-to-end device called the Audio Jukebox which was simultaneously rolled out in more than 40 cities in cafes and college canteens.


• A coin operated, software driven system with more than 5000 songs in the music catalog
• Implemented a dynamic keyword based search in a user friendly interface
• Dynamic form keeping the emotive qualities of music like, happiness, joy and freedom in mind
• Ergonomic design for comfortable viewing and using the controls
• Replaced the traditional styling which still maintaining the semantic appeal.
• Low maintenance & easy to service
• Maximum use of off the shelf components


MTV / Big Shows India


End to End Development including Product Design (incl. all mechanical, electronics, displays, interactive controls, software application.