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Solar Marine LED based Lantern

Compact Solar Marine LED based Lantern for Specialised Marine Devices OEM

Solar Marine LED based Lantern


Marine Navigation / Naval Defense


As with all modes of transport, even ships and boats require lights for navigation at night. However, operating in seas and other water bodies exposes these products to very harsh climates which requires that the Marine Navigational lights be specially designed and coated for off shore use, be resistant to corrosion, sea water and UV radiation.


This Compact Solar Marine LED Lantern Model- comes with a range of 2-3NM with 200mm Polycarbonate Lens for long term use, cost effective, maintenance free service, can be easily installed. Aluminum LM-6 is used for lantern body for Housing for use in sea and river. The Tri LED/Polycarbonate high efficiency lens gives it better in its class illumination and accurate beam pattern. The NE-2 comes with an integrated Solar Module and Lithium-Ion Battery bank to make it an easy to use and install light on any Buoy or Light beacon.


• Based on LED-technology and its colors comply to IALA Recommendations E-200-1
• 120° x 8° beam spread
• Extremely reliable - long lifetime
• Very low power consumption
• Stabilized light output
• Rugged and robust Aluminum Alloy all weather body
• Easy to install and Maintenance friendly
• TRI LED PMMA Optics for LED for achieving highly accurate beam of light
• UV Stabilized polycarbonate clear Lens for narrow beam angle
• Cost effective
• Long life span
• Comes with Two (2) years warranty*
• Completely indigenous design require less lead time
• Applications- Marine Buoy Lantern and Break Water Lantern
• Integrated Mono crystalline Solar Module
• Controlled by NavAid Programmable Flasher (NPF-100) with 256 IALA recommended Flash


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