Food Delivery Industry | Bags & Accessories

Designing, testing, manufacturing and delivering tens of thousands of backpacks to a global food delivery brand

Food Delivery Industry | Bags & Accessories

The Client:

A global food delivery company headquartered in London, and currently present in 14 countries

The Brief:

OGS was given the mandate to design, manufacture and distribute insulated food delivery bags for the company’s delivery partners.

The OGS Touch:

Creating food delivery backpacks was a rigorous four-step process: conceptualising, designing, prototyping, and testing.

Once the initial design and prototype were created, the backpack had to undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure it exceeded the highest quality standards. OGS ensured unbeatable pricing, quality, and timeline adherence.

The Impact:

The design we created merged the playfulness of the brand’s logo with the high quality standards required. Over tens of thousand units were manufactured in-house by OGS.

Having our own factory to manufacture the products enabled us to cut out third party costs and delays, resulting in unbeatable pricing, quality and timeline adherence.